About Us

When I got my degree in Ornamental Horticulture from the University of Illinois, I thought gardening was all science. You plant your garden, fertilize, water on schedule and you harvest beautiful crops.

Well, not so much! 

Over the years I’ve learned that our gardens often have a mind of their own… just like our children, they don’t always behave exactly like we want them to! Hence, I called this collection of stories and articles about herb gardening The Sassy Herb Garden. 

I know I love all the help I can get in taming my gardens so I thought I’d share my adventures with you. I hope you enjoy this resource to help you have beautiful and bountiful herbs.

I’ve invited some of my friends to share their incredible knowledge with you also, watch for their bios as you read on.

A little about me…

After graduating college, I spent a decade helping gardeners in garden centers in the Midwest. I loved nothing more than the one-on-one relationship I built with my customers. It’s such a thrill to watch someone’s garden ideas develop into their dream!

But I then had an opportunity to work with some of the biggest online gardening companies that I couldn’t pass up. That resulted in another decade of helping millions of gardeners. As the director of customer service, we served gardening customers through phone and email. I think about all the gardens we touched with great pride.

Today, gardening is my retirement hobby on steroids! For a while, I was happy in retirement only giving advice to my friends and of course, my sister. But then I started writing down some of those tips and suddenly the Sassy Herb Garden was born.

Obviously, I can’t sit still so my retirement hobbies have exploded into many other outdoor activities. One of my bucket list goals is to visit every US National Park. You can find me writing about those adventures at Walking The Parks.